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Your virtual rehabilitation oasis awaits with CogniviveVR. Enter the world of Crystal Cove Resort and discover an island paradise made just for you. Explore wild jungles and breathtaking coral reefs. Make friends with charming characters from around the world. And most importantly, experience at-home rehabilitation that’s simple and fun. With the CogniviveVR suite of therapeutics, you’ll receive targeted treatments for post-stroke rehabilitation as you play and enjoy recovery in your own home.



the world of Crystal Cove Resort and all the fun it has to offer, all from the comfort of your home. No passport required!


games with friends in the Cliffside Lounge. Dive and discover the mysteries of the ancient cove. Relax on the beach with a good book.


your rehabilitation exercises. CogniviveVR makes rehab exercises easy and exciting. You may even forget you're doing rehab at all!

What is CogniviveVR?

CogniviveVR is an FDA-registered medical device intended to provide personalized neuro-rehabilitation activities for the upper extremities. It’s a virtual reality-based platform designed with a focus on post-stroke rehabilitation. Primarily built for home use, CogniviveVR looks and feels like a consumer VR game system. But, as patients play, they receive personalized treatments for their recovery.

What can CogniviveVR do for me?

CogniviveVR modules have been designed to help improve upper extremity functionality and cognitive abilities. Users can participate in exciting activities in the world of Crystal Cove Resort which encourage them to use their arm, hand, and fingers and improve their function. CogniviveVR is designed to be easy to use, fun, and engaging so patients can enjoy more targeted treatments without expensive visits to the clinic.

How do I use CogniviveVR?

It’s easy! CogniviveVR arrives as a pre-configured, all-in-one virtual reality headset. Simply press the power button, place it on your head, pick up the hand controllers, and you’re ready to go. CogniviveVR will also come with tools to help users comfortably hold on to the hand controllers. No special setup is needed!

I'm a clinician. How can I integrate CogniviveVR into my practice?

Though CogniviveVR is designed to adapt to its user and automatically provide them with targeted treatments, nearly every aspect of the patient experience is configurable from our Clinician Dashboard. This will allow you to optionally control the intensity, duration, and type of exercises your patient performs in CogniviveVR. The system also generates a wealth of data on patient usage, performance, and even motion quality, which can be accessed through the Dashboard’s visualization tools.

Where can I get CogniviveVR?

CogniviveVR and the world of Crystal Cove Resort will be available by prescription from your doctor or rehabilitation specialist. If you are a medical professional and interested in partnering with us for a trial evaluation, please contact us!

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