Personalized Digital Medicines for Stroke Recovery

At Cognivive, we build our digital medicines on four key pillars: neuroscience, game design, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. The result: fun, evidence-based interventions that motivate patients to do home therapy.

The Cognivive Design Methodology

  • CogniviveVR’s therapeutic framework targets essential movement components through the principles of clinically-validated neurorehabilitation protocols.
  • We develop our products with input from patients and clinicians to help create experiences with broad appeal and utility.
  • We strive for commercial-grade production quality so a patient’s rehabilitation experience feels just like play.
  • By automatically adjusting difficulty to each patient’s current abilities, games are never punishing or demotivating.

The Science Behind Cognivive

  • Cognivive’s constantly adapting environments exploit neuroplasticity in neural pathways, supporting functional gains through personalized therapeutic activities.
  • Our motivational characters and excitement provide positive support to keep patients intrinsically engaged.
  • Fully-immersive virtual reality creates neuromotor activity just like real world activities do, which is crucial to restore the brain-body connection that is disrupted by stroke.
  • CogniviveVR’s 3D motion analysis and task performance data provide quantitative metrics for dynamically adjusting challenge and tracking patient recovery.

The team

Tony J. Simon, Phd Co-Founder, CEO / Chief Science Officer A cognitive neuroscientist with over 100 peer-reviewed publications and over $7million in NIH funding, Tony’s passion is turning scientific findings into treatments.
Ted Aronson Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer Ted has nearly a decade of experience designing video games for wellness and education, with organizations such as UC Davis, MindSnacks, and the Center for Autism Research.
Joseph Salisbury, PhD Head, Digital Therapeutics Joey is a neuroscientist and AR/VR developer with ten years experience in therapeutic development for neurological disorders. He is dedicated to driving healthcare innovation through rehabilitative and diagnostic gaming.
Anastasia Peck, PT, DPT Clinical Lead Ana is a physical therapist experienced in treating neurologic and orthopedic diagnoses throughout the full continuum of rehabilitation.

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