Good For You Games

Imagine rehab therapy that's actually enjoyable. Imagine recovery work that doesn't feel like work. At Cognivive, we are making that happen. Our evidence-based cognitive treatments are delivered through commercial-quality video games to make therapy regimens that patients will want to come back to, over and over. We are currently developing applications to benefit a wide range of people:


Cognitive Decline and Healthy Aging

Aging brings a natural decline in cognitive function, which can lead to poor memory and worsening vision. Our therapies target specific cognitive processes that contribute to those systems to help improve episodic memory and prevent falls.

Brain Injury and Stroke

Certain types of strokes and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can lead to impairments in the way the brain processes information about what you see and feel. Recovery from these kinds of injuries can be slow, frustrating, and laborious. Cognivive is making fun, engaging treatments that can help speed up the recovery process and make it less difficult for patients.

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Genetic Disorders

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